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Activities for children at Stave Hill Eco Park in Rotherhithe

Gary Greenberg: The beautiful nano details of our world

When photographed under a 3D microscope, grains of sand appear like colorful pieces of candy and the stamens in a flower become like fantastical spires at an amusement park. Gary … Continue reading

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Perfectly timed pictures :) http://www.boredpanda.com/pictures-right-moment-perfectly-timed-photos/

Foto: Geir Arne Vian

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Official report for April

This is Stave Hill Art in the Shed`s official report for April! Today we have been creating plastic bag birds, rainbow glass mobiles and designing the brand new mosaic for … Continue reading

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Pavement mosaics

On Saturday 11 August Summer had arrived at last and SHED was basking in the sun. Our main activity was outdoors, so we were abe to enjoy the fluttering butterflies … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to our brand new blog! It was created to make our communication easier and will contain useful information along with a celebration of children’s learning of nature and craft. … Continue reading

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