Welcome to the SHED!

Activities for children at Stave Hill Eco Park in Rotherhithe

Official report for April

This is Stave Hill Art in the Shed`s official report for April!

Today we have been creating plastic bag birds, rainbow glass mobiles and designing the brand new mosaic for our front gate! Everybody helped and done their bit.

Also, we were introduced to a new member of our staff team: Elena. This is what she said,  she likes so far: “ I like the co-operation between the children and the staff, and helped them to explore their creativity throughout the park”.

We are delighted to know that people enjoy their time here as well as the children do. So…what was my favourite activity from today? I`d say the rainbow glass mobiles because the finishing designs were incredibly beautiful. That is all the time we have for today, and we will continue bringing you the events for the months to come.

See you next time!

Written by Katie. The SHED Reporter.

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