Welcome to the SHED!

Activities for children at Stave Hill Eco Park in Rotherhithe

How to find us


from Canada Water tube station

  •  Turn left out of the station onto Surrey Quay Road
  •   Left again onto Needleman St
  •   Right at he bottom of Needleman St onto Poolmans St
  •   Left at the end of Poolmans St onto Timberpond Rd
  •   Turn right onto tree-lined footpath (Dock Hill Avenue) that leads to the conical Stave Hill mound (hill with concrete staircase leading to the top).
  •   At this landmark, turn left into Stave Hill Eco Park. Take the first left again (by a small marsh) and follow this path to the green portacabin.

 from Rotherhithe tube station

  •   Turn left onto Brunel Road (this later turns into Salter Road).
  •   Continue for 300m past Surrey Water dock and past the Youth Hostel on left.
  •   Turn Right down Lagado Mews (this turns into Timber pond road).
  •   Bacons College and our portacabin is straight ahead, though you will likely need to walk around the College: Directions as above: (left down the pedestrianised Dock Hill Avenue, Left at Stave Hill mound, left once inside the Eco Park)

Nearby Bus Routes
1, 225 & 381, 395.

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